Nook x Creative Growth

Creative Growth Art Center is the world’s first non-profit art center dedicated to artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities. Since 1974, Creative Growth has played a significant role in increasing public interest in the artistic capabilities and achievements of people with disabilities, providing a professional studio environment for artistic development, gallery exhibition and representation, and a social atmosphere among peers. Artwork fostered in this unique environment is included in prominent collections and museums worldwide.

The Nook is proud to partner with our neighbors in exhibiting art from Creative Growth for the enjoyment of our residents and guests. 



Provides a professional art atmosphere to over 150 adult artists in a variety of media including fiber arts, wood, painting, ceramics, drawing, printmaking, photography, and video animation. Through the visiting artist program, our studio artists have collaborated with contemporary artists in varying media and from across the globe.



Is the oldest exhibition space dedicated to the artwork made by people with disabilities. Seven exhibitions annually in our Oakland gallery, a roster of shows via a permanent project space in Paris, and artist-inspired Projects keep the studio and gallery in an ongoing visual conversation with leading contemporary artists, designers, curators and visionaries.


Efforts include the publication of three award-winning monographs on outstanding individual artists with disabilities, as well as worldwide symposia, exhibitions and presentations within the field of arts and disabilities.



If the first university developed from a gathering of people exchanging ideas, then Creative Growth is a kind of university. Here for almost 40 years, artists with disabilities have gathered to communicate, express themselves, draw, paint, sculpt, and seek innovative ways towards creative self-realization and identity.

--Tom di Maria Director, Creative Growth Art Center


The work produced by Creative Growth’s artists represents everything I could hope for in art: it is simultaneously joyful, sincere, obsessive and puzzling, and forcefully reminds me of why I remain committed to the potential of art to illuminate our lives.
--Matthew Higgs Director and Chief Curator, White Columns, New York


Creative Growth is an extraordinary place; the gold standard of institutions of its kind.

--Raw Vision Magazine


CREATIVE GROWTH ART CENTER 355 24th Street, Oakland, CA 94612
M-F 10AM-4:30PM S 10AM-3PM | 510.836.2340 |